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Again, Resort Care Europe is NOT affiliated with any of those companies, nor are we affiliated with RCI or other time share related companies.

We here at Resort Care Europe are an independent travel and marketing company, promoting luxury resorts and hotels throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our long-standing relationship with the resorts enables us to offer you top quality accommodation at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for your holidays.

With hundreds of resorts worldwide, we strive to offer our customers a wide range of choice, without compromising on quality.


Resort Care Europe offers promotional weeks of luxury accommodation which can be used at a luxury resort of your choice, at anytime during the year.

We reserve your weeks of accommodation in our system on a "to be arranged" basis, which means you can secure your future holidays at today's low prices. You don't have to decide now when and where you would like to travel.

If you want, we are able to book your week or weeks of accommodation immediately if you have dates and a destination in mind, but the majority of our customers prefer the flexibility of our "to be arranged" service.

Reserving weeks of flexible accommodation also gives you the option of transferring any or all of your weeks to family or friends. Its a very original gift to surprise someone with for their Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas!


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